[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Tuesday the 29 of November Nicolaisen & Larsen was handed an Agromek award for the new JCB Hydradig in the category of construction, road and park sector. The award was won on behalf of the new JCB Hydradig.

The committee emphasized that the JCB Hydradig is an excavator with can be used for many purposes and because of the possibility of turning on both axels.

Hydradig 110W is the first true wheeled excavator designed for purpose, from the ground up.

The result is an engineering masterpiece. Designed without compromise, JCB are the first to move the engine, tanks and ancillaries to the chassis making the JCB Hydradig 110W first for visibility, stability, maneuverability, mobility and serviceability.

We are proud of the award and the recognition of this fantastic machine.